Max Peril wins Best Feature @ FSFX!

Max Peril Cast at FSFX BOPB 2015

Cast: James Sonny Howard, Jessy Hughes, Janna Ladner, Director Frank Ladner, Mark Forte, Allen Mann

Being accepted into the inaugural Film Expo (part of Hattiesburg’s annual city-wide FestivalSouth arts celebration) was a thrill. Primarily because of the significance of being able to say we were part of FSFX the first year it kicked off, and also because it’s a festival just up the road from us, in a town long overdue for such an event. Given the fact that first-year festivals rarely go smoothly (understandably so), we weren’t expecting what we ended up getting at FSFX: A festival staff who were immediately-available and cheerfully willing to answer any questions we had, an absolutely stunning screening experience in a legitimate theatre, and the most pleasant Q&A session I’ve ever been a part of – largely due to the skills of gracious host/director Miles Doleac.

FSFX Crowd

Crowd at the screening of Max Peril, shown at the Grand Theatre in Hattiesburg, MS.

An “Official Selection” was a big deal for us.  Winning “Best Feature” AND “Best Actor” was overload.

FSFX Award Show

FestivalSouth Film Expo awards were presented as part of the 2015 Best of the Pine Belt Award Show. For a country boy like me, this was dang FANCY.

FSFX Award Show

On stage with the Max Peril cast accepting our award for Best Feature.

Max Peril cast on-stage.

On stage with the Max Peril cast accepting our award for Best Feature.

We left with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  It was an experience none of us will soon forget.